Friday, July 22, 2011

30 going on 80?

"Sometimes I walk around telling people, 'Id fire you... Id fire you... and you..'"
We all have opinion and Its sometimes more important than other times to share your thoughts. Today I went on a couple of sites, going through my enormous and oversized book mark folders, organizing them and putting each in its file. I came across two of my many beloved online inspiration sites. (Sometimes I happen upon smart little online sites that sell some nicely priced stuff and I sorta tell myself one day I might buy half of the stock on their site but until then I will keep scanning through my many fashionably cute online stores.) I noticed two looked very similar and very alike! I had already come across 80's Purple when I tripped upon a similar but more foreign (to me), 30's Vase. I may be behind in the large online shopping spectrum or possibly ahead of my time but either way I have to say both of these stores are chocked full of cute and very wearable stuff. Not only wearable but they are filled with very subtle and sometimes bold style bombarding my style folding brain from across the counter. So for both I give 'em a big thumbs up and a pat on the back.
Please enjoy both! They are worth your time for sure. Although if you are like me and lack bilingual talents at the moment you may need what I now possess- a very smart computer that translates webpages before your very eyes [for 30's Vase].

Again, if you into this sorta thing,
E N J O Y.

 Now clearly you see what I mean.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday, July 19

Starting here and now. I really want to keep up on my blogging more often and I am always telling you and myself I will- but I dont. And thats the bottom line. So I suppose I cant say I will again and again- over and over like I do every time, so hopefully you will take faith that I may keep my word this time.
So as you all know I have been learning Russian which will coming in handy for an audition coming up soon! Something Id like to share with you? Well Im still saving up for my camera so I dont know how recent and how handmade any of the pictures I will show you within the next couple months will be, but Ive applied yet again for Starbucks so with my fingers crossed I will pay for a camera soon enough. Any tech geeks out there (my apologies on calling you names) but I would really like your help.

Ive been debating with Max a bit lately which Camera i should aim to purchase. Nikon? Cannon? I was thinking the new Nikon D5100 (seems logical) which is already edging on $1000 but Max doesnt seem so sure..
Any opinions?

Oh and you all know Max, do you not? If you dont, here he is. [Him and I on Skype]
Yes, I know Im blocking a lovely view of him, so sorry. But It would be a lie to say this was the best picture  I have of him so, here you are, a few more!

I think Its fair, although I have no recent photography of my own to show to you, He is as cool as he looks as an equally amazing photographer as the pictures you see here.  I promise to show you some. Although as Ive said before If youve read my last few blog posts my promises are a little hard to trust.
Thanks for reading!

[Got to go watch the new Covert Affairs!]

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Going to Boston!

This next week Im going to be heading up to Boston again for my 16th birthday! Im very excited and will be posting along the way: Martha's Vineyard, Maine, and the City!!
I'll keep in touch, wonderful bloggers! Ciao. (Im learning Russian so) До свидания!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Take a Bullett

There are so many magazines out there! I've noticed that more and more!
But one thing I'd yet to see when I really started to religiously buy more and more fashion magazines, was a realistic a sensible point of view on the real world today.
All we see of fashion nowadays is how to be like Barbie. How to be the 'perfect' version of ourselves. Seeing edited photos of girls with fake body parts have brought us to untrusting community of 'fashion' a lot of magazines choose to focus on today.
Well although I tend to scan the racks that hold the all too familiar Elle, Marie Claire, Nylon, and so forth, sort of periodicals, I really go for all of those alot more than anything else. They are all wonderful when it comes to tips! And just recently I've spotted something with not just the writing but it's got the sense to be a magazine worth reading.

'Every creative process, be it in literature, in engineering, in information technology- and even in love- always respect a same pattern: the cycle of nature..."

Bullett takes on the form of a fashion magazine within the arts of writing, physical fashion, celebrities, and other information all within a pack including interviews, summaries, and questionnaires.

Want more? Go to Bullett's Webpage! See and purchase the Summer MMXI, Volume III containing info on Betsy Johnson, Saoirse Ronan, Paulo Coelho, John Waters, Miranda July and more!

Temp Candy

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One Day At a Time... Perhaps?


Well I don't know about your own lovely locations.. but here in Louisville it is sweltering. 
I just worked out but am currently sitting at the keyboard and computer monitor potentially doing just about nothing- physically- and I am sweating. But beside the excellent summer weather, I'd like to hear what my bloggers are up to!
Me? I've been auditioning like crazy, and about to get some new head shots out there by family/friend photographers: Megan Sullivan and Max Wilder sometime soon! (So keep an eye out for that!)
Other than that I think I'd like to take an update on the CFDA awards and who really caught my eye.

 The Olsen Twins both took on some lovely looks. I fully agree with both of their intertwining color palettes [as usual]. And if you are as curious about their handbags as I was, heres some info.

Both are from The Row and are around about $5,500. Both made of leather looking snake skin textured material. Stunning, I'd say.
And here, Marc Jacobs has received his well deserved award.  I personally have favored his style and his more recent lines. Looking sharp, yes?
And las but certainly never least, Lady GaGa steals the show with her unique expertise and a look that certainly goes beyond just a dress- more like a piece of art!
But could we possibly have expected less from Lady GaGa at the Fashion Awards?
No. I think not.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Twins

Well as I may have mentioned several times before haha, I hope it does not get annoying when I say I love the Olsen twins! I don't think anyone can quite express as graceful and yet powerful and sleek wardrobe as them!
Now you can call me wrong and that's okay because Im not always right and it is my opinion, but I do hope you see what I mean!

All I can really say about this first one is... Brilliant! 
So unexpected from her, because I for one am all about used to seeing
her in sleek more modern meets boho fashion and this really brings out the more elegant side of her. It shows her nicely chiseled features and how simply stunning Ashley can be! Of course she doesn't need anyones help telling everyone that! It is plain to see these girls were born with an instinct in showing off their forms and their personalities beautifully in clothing!

And check out Mary-Kate! At the same event as Ashley is at above, they are for once not taking a group shot. In separate styles, separate colors, and separate pictures, I start to wonder if this might continue! But either way they are looking outstanding! I really love Mary-Kate bring out the boho pattern, and texture, while mixing the colorful accessories. Another brilliant taste in even ware.

So I hope as you can see these two have all they need to say what they want to say for themselves, without parting their lips! Post a comments with your favorite picture of one of the other, or both together!

Monday, April 25, 2011


So. Iv'e taken on the challenge of taking a step up and making my blog #2! Thats right there's another one now! Go check it out when you get the chance!

Comment and leave your mark on it! But please be kind, its definitely a work in progress! Wordpress is harder than some of you may think ;)


Okay so i posted these SUPER cute shoes from Top Shop just maybe a little over a month ago, and theyve gone down $30! Check em out!
 Go to!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Look Book Loves

Here is a few of some inspiring looks from listed users on Look Book!