Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Twins

Well as I may have mentioned several times before haha, I hope it does not get annoying when I say I love the Olsen twins! I don't think anyone can quite express as graceful and yet powerful and sleek wardrobe as them!
Now you can call me wrong and that's okay because Im not always right and it is my opinion, but I do hope you see what I mean!

All I can really say about this first one is... Brilliant! 
So unexpected from her, because I for one am all about used to seeing
her in sleek more modern meets boho fashion and this really brings out the more elegant side of her. It shows her nicely chiseled features and how simply stunning Ashley can be! Of course she doesn't need anyones help telling everyone that! It is plain to see these girls were born with an instinct in showing off their forms and their personalities beautifully in clothing!

And check out Mary-Kate! At the same event as Ashley is at above, they are for once not taking a group shot. In separate styles, separate colors, and separate pictures, I start to wonder if this might continue! But either way they are looking outstanding! I really love Mary-Kate bring out the boho pattern, and texture, while mixing the colorful accessories. Another brilliant taste in even ware.

So I hope as you can see these two have all they need to say what they want to say for themselves, without parting their lips! Post a comments with your favorite picture of one of the other, or both together!

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