Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday, July 19

Starting here and now. I really want to keep up on my blogging more often and I am always telling you and myself I will- but I dont. And thats the bottom line. So I suppose I cant say I will again and again- over and over like I do every time, so hopefully you will take faith that I may keep my word this time.
So as you all know I have been learning Russian which will coming in handy for an audition coming up soon! Something Id like to share with you? Well Im still saving up for my camera so I dont know how recent and how handmade any of the pictures I will show you within the next couple months will be, but Ive applied yet again for Starbucks so with my fingers crossed I will pay for a camera soon enough. Any tech geeks out there (my apologies on calling you names) but I would really like your help.

Ive been debating with Max a bit lately which Camera i should aim to purchase. Nikon? Cannon? I was thinking the new Nikon D5100 (seems logical) which is already edging on $1000 but Max doesnt seem so sure..
Any opinions?

Oh and you all know Max, do you not? If you dont, here he is. [Him and I on Skype]
Yes, I know Im blocking a lovely view of him, so sorry. But It would be a lie to say this was the best picture  I have of him so, here you are, a few more!

I think Its fair, although I have no recent photography of my own to show to you, He is as cool as he looks as an equally amazing photographer as the pictures you see here.  I promise to show you some. Although as Ive said before If youve read my last few blog posts my promises are a little hard to trust.
Thanks for reading!

[Got to go watch the new Covert Affairs!]

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