Saturday, June 11, 2011

Take a Bullett

There are so many magazines out there! I've noticed that more and more!
But one thing I'd yet to see when I really started to religiously buy more and more fashion magazines, was a realistic a sensible point of view on the real world today.
All we see of fashion nowadays is how to be like Barbie. How to be the 'perfect' version of ourselves. Seeing edited photos of girls with fake body parts have brought us to untrusting community of 'fashion' a lot of magazines choose to focus on today.
Well although I tend to scan the racks that hold the all too familiar Elle, Marie Claire, Nylon, and so forth, sort of periodicals, I really go for all of those alot more than anything else. They are all wonderful when it comes to tips! And just recently I've spotted something with not just the writing but it's got the sense to be a magazine worth reading.

'Every creative process, be it in literature, in engineering, in information technology- and even in love- always respect a same pattern: the cycle of nature..."

Bullett takes on the form of a fashion magazine within the arts of writing, physical fashion, celebrities, and other information all within a pack including interviews, summaries, and questionnaires.

Want more? Go to Bullett's Webpage! See and purchase the Summer MMXI, Volume III containing info on Betsy Johnson, Saoirse Ronan, Paulo Coelho, John Waters, Miranda July and more!

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