Saturday, January 8, 2011

Delish Delight

Well well well..
I know what you must be thinking. Its a bit late?
Yes I have not posted in several weeks and I'm very ashamed. But! Now i am here to update you on the inside of my head and the tip of my pen! I was down on Bardstown Rd. plus thifting a bit more than usual this weekend so I have plenty pictures to post later!
So for right now a little treat!
Take a tiny look at the photographers of our world today and we see something we've never seen before through the lens of talented artists built with the latest technology. Something lovely.
So looking through a few I've seen just what i expected.
Here are a few i fancied.
Lovin' this cute do as well as the shoes! Putting the whole complexion together gives the girl's silent personality a touch of talent.

Now I draw on peoples hands, wrists, arms and such constantly. This is something that is going to happen soon haha.

Loving this 'All American' style. 

I've really been interesting in photography lately and have been saving up for a camera! I am by no means on my way to my goal but have been intrigued by the number of cameras there are to find when it comes to such an art!
What might you suggest?
And while we are on the subject of your opinions, friends, I am now, for the moment, contemplating a new name for my blog! A possibility but just a thought for now. So if you are interested in saying your input please either comment on this post or vote in the poll to the right above! Thanks lovely ladies and gents.

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  1. hahahah i bet you gonna start drawing on their faces and backs, like mrs.cusick said...maybe youll be a tatoo artist. lol jk. but yeahh i think its coool(: