Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bardstown Roading and Goodwilling Galore

So this past weekend, bloggers, I took a couple steps into a few consignment shops down Bardstown Rd and dug for treasures in a run down Good Will.

A few old scarves never hurt 

They were all super cute! Still regretting not picking one out!

Some nice reads :)

My favorite record store!

These last two i picked up for under 10 bucks from Goodwill! The camera was 5 and the plate was 1.50. 
Cute stuff guys :)


  1. i saw these pictures on fbk... veryyy cool!(: i like your new camera and plate, they are very.. you! (: teehee

  2. haha i like the record store (: (: and the books have you read wuthering heights yet?

  3. I am currently in the process! I love it so far <3