Sunday, January 30, 2011

More and More

I am very ashamed.
I have not posted in what feels like forever! Well i have some good news and I'm glad to share something that definitely grabbed my eyes. Its an add for the commonly popular band  My Chemical Romance!
Im working on a painting of this now, sure to go into my portfolio while applying for a spot in an art institute boarding school- a possibility for the rest of high school! And for more of that (gathering up my largely scattered portfolio) Its going to take a while! But I'm nearing to the collar on this one and I'm happy to say its coming along nicely.
Another little something I have picked up recently is a few very old pieces of clothing from my friends basement! I will share photos of what some of them are becoming, later, but for now I will show some lovely inspirations I have come across not only from some Nylon Magazine new photo shoots for the year, but also some classic inspiration from Kristen Dunst!

As you can tell these are so beautiful and inspiring. Classy and soft yet edgy and exciting. I cant wait to interpret some of these into some new sewing projects!

I absolutely love all of these as well as her! She's a wonderful actress and most know her from the Spider Man series. She's lovely and she can really pull back the older looks while looking darling on the red carpet.

Well tata for now! I will continue to update you all later!

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