Thursday, December 2, 2010

Some fine work

Hey bloggers so I have been thinking.
My friend said something today that really inspired me... what she said was applying the basic thought that occurs in the common humans mind every once in a while..
'Genuine people are so hard to find... so rare.' 
I knew right when she said that she was so right. While thinking that, for myself, its so easy for that person to then think of all the non-genuine people they have come in contact with and further more judge them and conclude they then want nothing to do with them. Its a bit of an extreme but that is ground level in my subconscious.
So I then thought, we could apply this one thought to different categories in every aspect of life.

(These now are just a few simple things I again dug up with a couple quick searches on Google.)
'Genuine artists are so hard to find... so rare.'
So many times we stand in awe of someone's work. Yet so many times we can constantly think of the art that is much less appealing to our personal taste. We then conclude in the very back corner of our minds we are non the less against and want nothing to do with that kind of art.
But as each human is, art is made so that none other is alike. It can be copied but not remade perfectly.

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  1. hey caitlin! i love <3 ur blog!!! i really connected with the picture of the boat with the butterflies for sails. It reeks of beauty and this sense of adventure. As if the butterflies would carry the boat on it adventure.