Sunday, December 5, 2010

Now or Later.

Hey Bloggers!
So lately (more so today) I've been admiring Taylor Swifts lovely version of the city girl vintage shes been showing off in recent magazines and simply in everyday life. She makes normal and somehow bland attire look stunning and graceful. Somethings I might have never thought to come back, she has worn strutting the streets and not only bringing it back but making it look new in its own little 'retro mod' attire way.

She's definitely looking gorgeous here as this typical shade of firefighter red drapes her slim figure and she flashed her blonde curls around that classic coke bottle. I love everything about this picture and though I'm more my-self fond of dimmed, pastel, and natural tones i sometimes 'splurge' or gorge myself into the cotton pinks and these striking shades of red.
Now im no more of a fan then the person standing next to you but i cant help but stare at her natural and innocent beauty as i might see her new CD in the local Starbucks or think how well she presents herself as she waves to the adoring audience at a nearby concert on TV.

Her Saturday Night Live performance was astounding, hilarious, and well thought out- classy Taylor. 
Im not the average reader of People magazine but every once in a while i will glance down to see her stunning face wrapped around a cover on a fashion magazine and cant help but love it.

So to wrap up my small wonder work on cute Taylor Swift i must say this last picture is my favorite. Its cute and captures not only a glimpse at her sparkly style and beautiful features but her lovely hair giving her the cant-help-but-love- her personality that each of us at one point desires for our own.

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