Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I will meet you there.

So today is no tomorrow 
I wont steal but I'll borrow
And I promise to return it
once Im done

It seemed so long ago
The last time that I borrowed 
I never returned I'll admit
Im not the best at keeping 
My promises

Hey bloggers!
So i know there was always that one point in time either in grade school or in middle school EVERYONE was obsessed with making and wearing these 'friendship' bracelets!
Now i could never make one to save my life but i was the wearer of many of my friends collective trends and they shook around my arm in a sort of kidish fashionable way when i went from class to class. Now i look around and ive got to say i still do wear some worn down bracelets of my own according to the 'boho' jewelry look of 2010, but what do these really mean?
I like to think as wearing one of these exchanged by you and your close friend you are borrowing each other as a backup plan for when times in this stage of our lives dont work out the way we want them to. 'ill give you me if you give me you.' is what id like to call it.

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  1. i used to wear like 6 or 7 bracelets allll summer i wanna start again and wear them haha