Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Holidays Gingerbread Girls and Boys!

So bloggers. What can I say? Its getting closer and closer to Christmas and I- as always- have wrapped myself up in the winter knitted goods for the holidays.
Its amazing what similarities you can find between keeping warm and glittery sheers that seem to close up around you during Christmas parties and simple stay at home dates.
Heres what I've found to fix my shivery cravings.

Up above those snugly Cabla tights from Monki! Only about 10 American dollars.
Also Miss Selfridge Foil Bandeau Maxi Dress- $65

Grey Fur Cape-  £18.00 (Miss Selfridge)
Bowler- 180 SEK (Monki)
Present Presenter Dress- $54.99 (Modcloth)
Commanding Presence Dress- $99.99 (Modcloth)
Faradiba- 400 SEK (Monki)
Kajsa- 350 SEK (Monki)
Shortbread and Sweet Top- $39.99 (Modcloth)
Nude Sling Back Platform£40.00 (Miss Selfridge)
Black Sling Back Platform£40.00 (Miss Selfridge)
Bronze Glitter Platform Heel£50.00 (Miss Selfridge)
Mink Fur Trim Hooded Scarf-  £25.00 (Miss Selfridge)

Enjoy the holidays!

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