Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spider Man and Super why?

I think all of us at one point can admit to being obsessed with at least one superhero in our childhood. Of course I am speaking of this in a tone that says those days are behind us now. But as we look around we see movies coming out rated PG-13, that entitle classic super heros. So what does this say about us, and our society? 
Now before we read of do not get me wrong. This is not about to be a discussion on how our society needs to grow up and find someone else to look up to besides a thirty year old man that somehow got ahold of a super suit. 
This is something that we can all look at and say we are never really content with the person we are. There's always a necessary step higher on the food chain that we could climb to eventually.
So lets talk Spider man. He had the powers, the identity, the rep, and the girl (don't they all?).
So what was he lacking? As we are all lacking something.

Sometimes i look at myself and say i could claim this one thing over everyone else, but id still be lacking something.
Superman could save the damsel in distress but still be lacking something.

I've decided its how we look at each and every predicament. Who is to blame for what we are lacking and can we just get over it?

Spider man swings down and rescues sally sue from clinging to the very edge of a guard rail up above the street at least 2,000 feet below. He saved the kid and he has a better rep because of it. But when Spider man goes home at night, and goes to bed he may still have that kicking feeling inside of him he never quite forgave his father for letting him grow up without him. (Now as you can tell I'm adding on to the already known detail of Spidey's life..) 
He could either move on and say 'dads dead and i have a better life now without him in it'
or he could cling to what he never go to say and do with his dad. He could hold himself accountable for all his father blamed him for or he could hold his father accountable for what he never did with him..

Is the cup half empty or half full?

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