Monday, November 15, 2010

Our own little solar system

Ok so the picture above i simply found on another blog.
i thought it was a beautiful piece of art and to tell you the truth it was the colors of the gorgeous strap that caught my eye!!

So don't we all think sometimes the world revolves around us? We all at one point sub-consciously think everyone should drop their own interests to pick up the interest currently occupying our own thought process. 
So doesn't this theory seem a lot similar? 
We all have a story to share. A story we see as the best out of all of them. The one that means the most and will always top the rest of 'em. Well did you see that first part? We all have a story to share? Yes everyone. Yes every single one of us thinks our own story can top the rest of 'em.
So who is right?

We all have a story to share. But the conclusion comes to 'if you will listen to my story and pretend to care, i promise to listen to you blab on about your own story or at least pretend to as i text my friend under the table
you see it all comes down to, who's story did you hear?
Was it your own? Or was it your story told by someone else? 

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