Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hey bloggers! I haven't posted any thoughts for today so I thought I should update you all with something that has been on my mind...

I always thought of an idea as something that we controlled. But has it occurred to anyone that an idea is no more of an inanimate object than we are? Maybe an idea should simply be classified as dead. But maybe an idea is a living thing and is not controlled by us but of itself. It can form and we can control what it becomes and as it transforms from a single item in to a basketful of either necessary or unusable objects, we can choose to either keep the idea inside of us or let it free so others can study it as it shapes into something useful. Modern reverent ideas have once started with a flicker of a word in someone's mind and has grown into everything we see before us. So the question is, in what stage does the idea get so large our head is no longer a big enough working space for it and it may decide, on it's own, to leave us and allow itself to be transformed into a physical development.

So look around you today and everything you see was once an idea, at least until it becomes a mere spectacle of the eye- touchable. 
(This one i actually took today of my sisters wedding flowers from last saturday.-sunflower petals)

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