Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Don't we all sometimes feel alone? Does the root of this initially decide that we must make a choice to either conclude we will die alone or we will be able to come back to being in company on our lonesome? People are not capable of making this decision if it is they themselves who make it. But who else would? If they are on their own only they themselves have the initiative and the responsibility to die alone or in the company of Jesus Christ. Does this then mean that those who proclaim they feel "lonely" then are taking a small chance in wanting to be in the company of others? Take this as a warning then. All strategies made by those who are lonely, are made with their last ounce of dignity, or none at all, that the hopes in their mind that someone may accompany them on their journey out of disparity are true. 
(I actually took this one of my friend Natalie while we were in DC. How i managed to snap this while she stood in this mysterious pose, I will never know.)

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  1. so here i am looking through your most excellent blog and look its me!! im honored.