Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Movie Update

Hey faithful followers! Ive decided (though I am fully aware it is no longer the weekend) I am going to start a weekend movie tradition here on Tempcandy! Other bloggers, you may copy this tradition and do it on your blog as well if you'd like! :)
So here we go, making up for this past weekend.
Movie #1:
Blood Diamond 
When a smuggler of conflict diamonds, originating from Africa, teams up with not only a wishful photographer, whose heart belongs to the grief of the war between people in Africa, but also a fisherman set out to bring his family back together, only one blood diamond, larger than life in value and size, bring them all together to fulfill each want of each person, people are killed and risks are taken to bring back peace and safety.
This inspiring film based and out branched from realistic stories reflecting off the circulation of conflict diamonds, really touched me, got my creative juices flowing, and just made me love my favorite actor, Leonardo Dicaprio even more. I really recommend this movie to anyone who loves action, an outreach of love, and the reality of the situations in Africa.
Here are a few screen takes to show you a sneak peak! 

P.S. I Love You
When Holly Kennedy's Irish husband dies, she soon starts to receive a series of letters from her deceased husband to help her along in the grieving process.

Now I know I have very diverse preferences when it comes to picking out a few movies but for those who aren't into the gory action of Blood Diamond, I can promise you, If you love a cute romance, this is for you! It, at times, can jerk some tears, but soon makes up for it by making you curl up on your couch wishing you had an irish mate as well! It's beyond cute and hilarious at the same time.
Heres some sneak peaks!

Please share what you think of each movie in comments below!

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