Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Too Far To Turn Back

Heres something I have been working on! Tell me if you like it and I will include a fun picture below!

And so the parade had begun. Lights streaming, heads up and down, through the raw, biting cold, like lightening bugs, scurrying their way home. Anna gently, yet keenly, poked her head up above the taller man’s in front of her. He surely was the tallest bald head she had seen at the Candleberry parade. She had soon secluded herself after her curt arrival at the tiny town square, to a section of picnic tables where she had sat alone for only near ten short minutes before she relinquished her dignity and ran forward to see the fireworks and the handmade costumes of the masqueraders.
She had been one of the only ones, a guaranteed front row seat, but now she was pushed back as the line of musical dancers and floats and balloons were surrounded with onlookers, awing at the colorful rendition and performance in front of them. Anna could only imagine how much more crowded it would be if she had insisted all her friends to come as her parents had begged her to. She was not nearly as celebratory as her colorful and sanguine parents, but she appreciated and respected their excitement, laughing inward at how she was no longer the child of her small family. Her old leather loafers, a half size too small, squeezed the soles of her blistered and sweaty feet as she stood on tiptoe for hours it seemed.
'The unhelpful heritage vanishes.' She thought to herself.
So many people and so many ages among them.

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