Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hair Do-How To

Hair Do-How To

So As you can tell I have been really interested in how to do the latest and the most classic Vintage and Indie hairstyles for not only out and about but also a night on the town! So here on Temp Candy Im going to show you some of my favorites, where to find how to, and how to do the look!
(Check out more about the hairstyle above Here)

So continuing on our little adventure check this one out!
So this simple pic i found on Google- check out the bottom left hand corner. We are all familiar with the cute blondie who has the tight or loose little curls and that wave curling up and around her face at her bangs. So I wanna know How and is it Doable
So I looked and looked. 

So these two (above and below) are a 40s style called victory rolls! I love them and I know you've probably seen them in the very least before because Katy Perry has pulled the look off once or twice. 

Heres a few oldies which i absolutely fell in love with! And you will see a picture of Kim Kardashian below one putting on the same style!

All these I am dying to try and here are a few links I would suggest!

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