Sunday, February 27, 2011

Check It Out

Hey all you bloggers! Im here to announce I have again found two amazing and inspiring places to look and to shop!
First off,
we have Nary Manivong! This is a lovely and graceful designer who just loves to do the whole 'mens wear on women' which I am more than partial of! I practically live in a pair of high waisted trousers and an oversized button up! Here are a few pictures of what you might find on the upcoming shop on the website!
First! Lets gaze upon the colorful printed pants along with those tan leather heels! Oh! How I were her! with that sheer crop top!

And again we see the shirt dress looking more than becoming with a rope belt! One of my favorite trends this year!
Check it all out on the Nary Manivong website!

Now to our second subject of the day! Who What Wear! I think these two examples of pure fashion i=I have gotten off the site, are more than enough to satisfy your craving! 

First! Lets check out Alex Chung (down right corner)! She's looking more than sheer and ladylike with her vintage styled glasses and that off the shoulder little dress! I personally love the look! Somehow it not only makes her look so ready for spring but ready for a day out! And still in a winter-fall look, I see Edie Campbell (top, second to right), and she's looking seriously stylish in the coat and the earth-toned scarf! I absolutely love earth tones and will wear nothing but!

My favorite in here is the bottom right. She's definitely looking 'ladylike boho' here! Which is exactly my cravings for this coming spring!

Check out more of what you've seen here at Who What Wear!

Tata for now!


  1. love Nary Manivong those patterned trousers are amazing completely missoni

  2. i completely agree! im in love!