Saturday, December 11, 2010

In a galaxy far far away...

Obsessed... again? Yeah ill accept it.
Dear Bloggers, 
Well, welcome to my world. I know in my last post i talked about something simple (an idea, color, texture, thing) thing that may make something inside you start working. It makes your body relax and slow down, but as im guessing for more energized people it may excite them, so now this is one of mine, Easy to guess, just look around, and you can clearly see its the stars. But not just the stars- heavenly bodies, full mindblowing portait-worthy lanscapes of lights swirled together to create awe spark in my brain.

I cant get over the glory. The beauty i could stare at forever. I know these words do little for these beautiful wonders, because i have been in ur shoes. I know what it is to see someone excite over a simple matter and be left standing there back on planet earth as they rocket on about their little 'thing' that has just brought life to their dusty creativity center in their head.

So i know very well only a small percentage will truly appreciate these beautiful pictures, but thats okay. Other things may bring you to your knees and id like to know what it is!

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