Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stuffing and Cranberries.

We could still  go for a joyride. But is that  the sole purpose?
To bring enjoyment to a regularly chore of a job?

So Thanksgiving went by and now the Christmas lights go up. Im not a huge fan of Christmas but i cannot deny that the ever so recognizable feeling of warmth while its cold outside comes in my chest around this time. I do enjoy the uplifting holiday spirit of everyone, trying to make a little bit of an extra effort to keep everyone cozy.
My Brother and mama are putting up the Christmas In The City display, while dad putts the tree up in the 'dancing room'.
Me? I am sitting here typing, sipping tea, and sinking deep into my subconscious which usually consumes me for several hours until i can finally resurface and act normal and converse with people again.

My Friend recently received a grand opportunity to model for Cosmo (for the second time) and was offered a modeling job (for the third time) and yet again she refused. I, in my small bubble of a life, can usually read people pretty well, but over texting i wish she would let me in on the real reasons she does not wish to take the jobs.

I look in the window on a snowy night seeing a candle lit on the soft wooden table of my constant homey imagination. I can still see the fire lit inside the humble abode as my warm breath fogs up the glass.

You can keep people out as long as you like, but if you wish for them to genuinely understand you will eventually have to let them in.

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