Monday, November 8, 2010

Life Is Unfair... So Lets Get Over It

   So many times ive been trying to tell myself... 'write another story'... my last one was only 180 pages but i slowly just stopped because of one persons negative and blunt comment.

If we try too hard and then fail what do we get? We not only fail on the outside but too often we fail on the inside. We let someone down but we also let ourselves down. So how can we prevent this?
In my dramatic mind i told myself the only way to fix this common ground where i go about pleasing people all my life and then get squashed, was to simply not try as hard and to let people see what it would be like without me.
 Well the result must be pretty terrible because suddenly everyone hates me.
So what can we draw from this?
Don't get stuck in that hole. Of wasting half your life pleasing people and giving your whole self to them with nothing in return, letting yourself get stepped on and trampled over is not what you want for the rest of your life. So as i now learn how to turn this around i can simply see that if you suddenly shock them by not trying as much and if you are getting nothing in return stop giving then it comes to show all they do to you is correct you and point out to you what youve done wrong.

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