Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fulfilled at last.

Dear bloggers,
So yes its been a few days but im still on fire for blogging! Its officially been about two to three months and i am already getting global views! That makes me very excited and encouraged! NOW i would like to encourage you to follow me! Please follow me, comment, and feel free to spread the word!!
To encourage you i would like to show you a new artist i recently came across on yet another blog.

The Narco Leptic Dancers with their new EP Not Evident. If you think it already looks like a lovely soundtrack take a listen and see for yourself!

SO in my English class we are watching Romeo and Juliet. Its a very romantic and very well said play written by pure Genius. Everything said is obviously very poetic and speaks so truthfully in riddle.
So yet another one of my obsessions siding beside romantic old plays is the classic silhouette. 

So you can imagine how excited i was to view this on one of my favorite blogs listed in those links below under My Inspiration. The Fox Is Black

I was so inspired to be reminded and updated on this new version. LOVE IT!

This along with some hopeful comments will inspire me on my Saint James Art Fair Booth for next year!!!

1 comment:

  1. this is cool:)
    i like sillouets too they are really viontage and just natural

    my mom had my brother and sisters done but i guess once i was born i wasnt cool enoughh ahaha