Saturday, October 30, 2010

For Reals

Sometimes i like to think im always the normal one. The one who is never confused. But how much of a lie could that be? Well the way i disect it is we are all only a half of what we assume to be. There is the half we can see and the half that only the subconcious of our imagination can see. So how could we ever now we are being real with even ourselves? By not just speaking to 'realistic' topics but being who our subconcious really planned for us to be in the first place.
Picture this. The person who understands how people's minds work: People watcher.
They study others and so see themselves.
Only the people on the other side of us- watching us- can see what our subconciouses have been trying to tell us all along.

(this is a piece of art i found on one of my many blogs that have inspired me. Horrah for deep thinking and blogging!)

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