Friday, October 29, 2010


Have you ever done something that was easy?
My mind has been stuck on this subject constantly.
Have you ever met anyone you considered 'easy'?
Maybe the reason could be their personality but have you ever thought that they might try to be easy on purpose? The phrase 'easy' is very ironic, i know realize.
Do you ever think that when someone who is contantly trying to be easy, consider their life hard?
The definition of an easy life is never of those who 'try' to be something. The definition of a hard life is never of those who just lay back and do nothing. So how do we meet the fine middle of that by neither living our life as making life easy for others or laying back and sleeping our whole life away?

(again as following the pattern from the lazy last two days of posting, this picture was found on a blog i was really inspired by.)

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